Practice Areas

Patents and Technology

  • Patentability and infringement counseling
  • Prepare and prosecute U.S. patent applications
  • Prepare and prosecute foreign patent applications (including PCT and EPO applications)
  • Prepare foreign patent applications for filing in the U.S.
  • Prepare nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements
  • Negotiate and prepare license agreements
  • Prepare assignments of patent rights
  • Assist clients with invention disclosure and patent management programs
  • Monitor newly issued or published U.S. and foreign patents


  • Prepare and prosecute copyright registrations
  • Prepare and prosecute foreign copyright registrations
  • Copyright infringement counseling
  • Prepare copyright agreements
  • Prepare publishing agreements
  • Transfers of copyright ownership
  • Entertainment contracts and licensing

Trademarks, trade dress and unfair competition

  • Trademark registerability and infringement counseling
  • Prepare and prosecute U.S. and Pennsylvania trademark applications
  • Prepare and prosecute foreign trademark applications
  • Assignment of trademark rights
  • Assist clients with trademark management programs
  • Unfair competition counseling

Internet and Computer-Related IP

  • Evaluate trademark infringement by search engine keywords, metatags, or use of confusing similar domain names
  • Negotiate and prepare acquisition and license agreements
  • Prepare development and test agreements
  • Prepare click-wrap license agreements
  • Prepare and prosecute applications for copyright registration
  • Negotiate domain name disputes
  • Prepare software development contracts
  • Prepare software licensing agreements

Trade Secrets

  • Trade secret counseling
  • Prepare employment contracts
  • Prepare nondisclosure and noncompete agreements